You can purchase a universal telescopic excavator EW-25-M1 and other special purpose machines manufactured by JV «Svyatovit» Ltd. by contacting us by the following phones: +8 017 326 07 65; +8 017 374 07 50.
EW-25-M1 excavators are serially produced on the basis of automobile chassis of such manufacturers as: MAZ (Belarus), KAMAZ (Russia), Ural (Russia), IVECO-AMT (Italy-Russia), TATRA (Czech Republic), VOLVO (Sweden). It is also possible to mount an excavator superstructure on the customer’s chassis.
EW-25-M1 universal telescopic excavator most often used for such works as: construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of roads and highways; planning of slopes, canals and construction sites, construction and emergency repair work on pipelines, excavation of soils of the 1st … 3rd categories, arrangement of oil and gas fields, repair and maintenance of utility networks; cleaning of river banks; loading / unloading of bulk materials.
All the machines manufactured by JV «Svyatovit» Ltd. are under a manufacturer’s warranty. The duration of the warranty service is 12 months in the Russian Federation and 24 months in the Republic of Belarus or 1600 operating hours (whichever comes first). By agreement, it is possible to provide an extended warranty for the machines.
The price of JV «SVYATOVIT» Ltd machines depends on its specifications and options and is calculated individually after an official request from a potential buyer.
You can purchase machines produced by JV «Svyatovit» Ltd. on lease or by trade-in. We always have an individual approach to the wishes of the client and is ready to consider various payment methods.
The max. telescopic boom stroke on the EW-25-M1 excavator is 4.15 m. The max. digging depth with the stand tilt is 6.65 m.
In comparison with usual wheeled or caterpillar excavators, the EW-25-M1 universal telescopic excavator on automobile chassis can dig in pipes, rubble, foundations, i.e. excavate soils in hard-to-reach places, plan slopes, and travel on public roads at high speed.
Excavators manufactured by JV Svyatovit Ltd. can be equipped with more than 10 types of additional working equipment (attachments): a leveling bucket, a leveling board, a blade, a roller, a ripper, a grab for 3 and 5 teeth, a road ripper, a bucket with a ripper, a trenching bucket, a V-bucket, etc.
In order to carry out works in difficult natural and climatic conditions and depending on their type, an excavator installation manufactured by JV «Svyatovit» Ltd. can be mounted on a tracked snow and swamp vehicle TTM 6902E, on a railway platform and on a pontoon.
The following elements can be ordered as additional options as part of an excavator manufactured by JV «Svyatovit» Ltd:
— tilt of the working equipment rack;
— boom extension;
— hydraulic locks on the boom lift cylinders;
— cabin air conditioner;
— the heater of the passenger compartment;
— «northern option» (insulation and heating of hydraulic hoses, insulation of the hood, installation and turning platform);
— car stereo;
— coloring in the buyer’s corporate colors;
— liquid heater;
— reflective visors;
— beacons, sirens, etc. at the request of the client.