Telescopic boom excavator on snow and swamp-going chassis TTM6901 GR

Number of seats in the cabin


Overall dimensions at transport mode:

- length

10700 mm

- width

4160 mm

- height

4000 mm

Gross weight (including the excavator)

26000 kg


2900 mm

Track width

1260 mm

Ground pressure

0,2 kg/cm2

Max. speed

18 km/h

Max. speed afloat

5 km/h

Chassis engine

YAMZ-238B (EURO-0)

Max. engine power

221 kw


D-245.9, diesel

Excavator hydraulic pump volume

400 L

Excavator fuel tank volume

210 L

Technical performance, no less than

160 m³/h

Digging ranges

Max. digging depth

4300 mm

Max. digging reach

10500 mm

Max. loading height

3600 mm

Telescopic boom stroke

4150 mm

Max. telescopic boom elevation angle


Max. telescopic boom dropping angle


Bucket rotation angle:

- narrow axis of rotation


- axial axis of rotation


Estimated bucket capacity

0,8m3 ± 5%

At least 10 types of attachments can be used additionally. You can see the full list of attachments on the Attachments page.