Telescopic boom excavator on IVECO-AMT TRAKKER chassis

Wheel classification

6х6.1 /6х4.1

Overall dimensions at transport mode:

- length

10500 mm

- width

2550 mm

- height

4000 mm

Axle wheelbase

4518,5 mm + 1390 mm

Gross weight

24500 kg

Weight distribution:

- front axle

7500 kg

- rear axle

17000 kg

Travel speed

60 km/h

Max. fuel consumption in transport mode at a speed of 60 km/h

29 L / 100km

Chassis engine

IVECO Cursor F3BE3681D or other modifications to add. agreement


ZF16S2220OD or other modifications to add. agreement

Max. engine power

302 kw for F3BE3681D engine

Max. gradeability of solid dry path


Max. capsizing angle



D-245.9, diesel

Engine power

100 kw (136 hp)

Excavator hydraulic pump volume

400 L

Excavator fuel tank volume

210 L

Fuel consumption for soil excavation

245 g/kw (21 L/h)

Technical performance, no less than

160 m³/h

Digging ranges

Max. digging depth

5450 mm / 6650* mm with "tilt rack" option

Max. digging reach

10450 mm / 10800* mm with "tilt rack" option

Max. loading height

6100 mm

Min. loading height

4300 mm

Min. digging reach at ground level

2200 mm / 615* mm with "tilt rack" option

Max. digging height

8000 mm

Telescopic boom stroke

4150 mm

Max. telescopic boom elevation angle


Max. telescopic boom dropping angle


Bucket rotation angle:

- narrow axis of rotation


- axial axis of rotation


Max. digging force:

- at boom retraction

78 kN

- at bucket rotation

80 kN

Estimated bucket capacity

0,63 m3 ± 5%

At least 10 types of attachments can be used additionally. You can see the full list of attachments on the Attachments page.