Congratulations to KAMAZ PJSC on its 50th anniversary!

Exactly 50 years ago, on December 13, 1969 the construction of the auto giant on Kama was launched. Today, KAMAZ PJSC is the largest automobile corporation in Russia, one of the top 20 global truck manufacturers.

Since 2000, the JV Svyatovit LLC has been producing telescopic boom excavators on the KAMAZ chassis, the first excavator has been assembled on the KAMAZ 53228 chassis. We have been mass-producing excavators on the KAMAZ 65111, KAMAZ 43118 chassis, and we have also launched the production of telescopic boom excavators on gas chassis KAMAZ 65222.

Long years of cooperation between our companies established strong and trusting relationships.

Congratulations to the staff of KAMAZ PJSC on the anniversary!