Publication Date: 2019-09-11

In June, the assembly of the EW-25-M1 telescopic boom excavator on the MAN TGS chassis was completed. The machine has been successfully tested and certified to all standards. This was made possible thanks to a long-running partnership between JV ‘Svyatovit’ LLC and MAN SE.

The design is an excavator installation on the MAN TGS chassis. This chassis is very versatile and suitable for working in virtually any environment — difficult road conditions that require constant maneuvering, harsh climate, long distances and etc. Thanks to its versatility, MAN TGS is so popular and that is why its use, coupled with an excavator superstructure of the JV ‘Svyatovit’ LLC, seems to be the most effective.

MAN chassis is actively used in construction, oil and gas production and transportation structures due to its reliability and versatility.