EW-25-M1 on MAN chassis has been successfully tested

The EW-25-M1 Svyatovit excavator on the MAN TGS26.320 chassis has successfully passed field tests.
It carried out a large amount of road construction work in the South of Russia, in particular, planning of slopes and leveling of plant soil.
The performance of our EW-25-M1 excavator on the MAN chassis and its technical and operational characteristics were highly appreciated by the specialists of the road-construction organization that performed the reconstruction of the highway section.
The high productivity of the excavator allowed us to complete a significant amount of road construciton works in less than 1 week. At the same time, fuel consumption during texcavation works amounted to 10-12 liters per hour. Thus, the EW-25-M1 excavator is not only highly productive, but also economical.